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Western New York advocate has helped clients for more than 25 years

Ending a marriage requires spouses to address a wide range of family and financial considerations. No matter your age or situation, the terms of your divorce could affect the rest of your life. With so much at stake, you deserve to have a knowledgeable, experienced divorce lawyer by your side. Lisa A. Sadinsky in Rochester provides exceptional advice and advocacy to Western New York clients during the marriage dissolution process. For more than 25 years, I’ve clarified complex legal points for divorcing spouses and safeguarded their rights in conflicts over property division, child custody, alimony and other matters.

Proven family law attorney advises on legal grounds for marriage dissolution

Since 2010, New York has allowed a husband or wife to seek dissolution of their marriage on a no-fault basis by stating that the union has been irretrievably broken for at least six months. Many couples opt for this method because it relieves them of the burden associated with proving misconduct on their spouse’s part. However, the following traditional fault grounds still exist if one chooses to file in that manner:

  • Cruel and inhuman treatment
  • Abandonment for at least one year
  • Adultery
  • Imprisonment for at least five consecutive years after the marriage

Additionally, there is a residency requirement that must be met. If you believe that a potential issue exists regarding residency or you might want to allege fault, my firm will outline the relevant legal standards and advise how they could affect the divorce process. From there, I’ll develop a sound strategy for resolving key issues favorably whether your divorce is uncontested or marked by serious differences.

Knowledgeable firm advises on child support and maintenance disputes

My firm gives you the legal support you need to secure favorable terms relating to each aspect of your divorce, including:

  • Child custody — Determining what is in the best interests of a child requires close examination of a young person’s physical, emotional, social and educational needs. I take this information and advocate for appropriate child custody arrangements.
  • Child support — I help parents understand what their child support obligation should be under the New York formula and also represent clients when issues arise regarding revisions or enforcement under existing orders.
  • Maintenance — During negotiations and litigation concerning maintenance, I work on behalf of potential payers and recipients to secure a fair result.
  • Property division — Under New York’s equitable distribution law, a judge decides what is a fair division of marital assets and debts if the couple cannot reach an agreement. My firm develops a detailed accounting of the items at issue and presses for a resolution that safeguards clients’ interests.

With commitment and conviction, I present strong arguments in support of arrangements that best protect your interests and those of  your children.

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Lisa A. Sadinsky represents Western New Yorker in divorce proceedings and related family law matters including child support and custody actions. Please call 585-232-8340 or contact me online to make an appointment for a meeting at my Rochester office.


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