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Proven Western New York Lawyer Handles Child Support Concerns

Rochester firm advises parents on initial rates, revisions and enforcement

Like other states, New York requires both parents to provide financial support to their children, whether they live in the same home or not. Regardless of whether you’re a noncustodial parent who will be making payments or a custodial parent who is relying on child support to meet your son or daughter’s needs, it’s important to handle these matters effectively. Located in Rochester, Lisa A. Sadinsky is a family lawyer with more than 25 years of experience assisting Western New York clients. I use my extensive knowledge of the state’s child support guidelines to help establish fair rates, request justified modifications and enforce orders when payments are missing, late or incomplete.

Knowledgeable adviser explains how child support is determined

New York State established a formula in the Child Support Standards Act that applies to parental earnings up to $148,000. Under this standard, payment rates are set by considering both parents’ incomes, certain types of deductions and the number of children they have. I understand that each situation is unique, so I can help make arrangements for additional expenses, such as:

  • Childcare
  • Medical care not covered by insurance
  • The child’s educational costs

My firm works to ensure that accurate information is presented to the court and handles disputes that arise when one party attempts to hide income or avoids work in order to reduce their child support obligation. When a significant change in income occurs or some other relevant circumstance changes, I can petition the court for an appropriate modification in the rate. Likewise, my firm also represents parents in situations where they are opposing unwarranted revisions.

Skillful family law advocate helps clients obtain full payment

In New York State, child support obligations terminate once the child reaches 21 years of age.

Recipient parents often find themselves needing assistance to hold their co-parent to the terms of the order. Many enforcement methods are authorized under law, and my firm takes assertive action to obtain full, prompt payment. Depending on the circumstances, I can pursue measures such as wage garnishment (income execution), license suspension and benefit denial to get a reluctant parent to honor their obligation.

Contact an experienced Rochester lawyer to discuss your child support matter

Lisa A. Sadinsky handles child support issues and other family law matters on behalf of Western New York clients. Please call 585-232-8340 or contact me online to make an appointment regarding your case. My office is in Rochester.


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